ADVANCE1040 General Missiology Program

These training courses are offered by other organizations; we recommend these trainings, though they are through organizations that are not a part of ADVANCE1040.

WATER Program

The WATER program is a one week training course with 5 weeks of hands on field experience, at various Anabaptist organizations around the globe. The training is hosted by Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute.

FOCUS Training

FOCUS training is a two week training course for people interested in serving in the Middle East, particularly with refugees. Some of the courses covered are team dynamics, Middle Eastern culture and religion, refugee crisis opportunities, and spiritual endurance. FOCUS is a prerequisite for T3 and is tailored towards volunteers who are currently serving (or are planning to serve) in the refugee crisis.

TESOL Certification

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is 6 week course that offers a certification to teach English in foreign settings; this certification is internationally recognized. TESOL is often critical to gaining access to unreached areas. No prerequisites are required, though teaching experience is encouraged. Taking TESOL in conjunction with FOCUS Training is highly recommend for volunteers serving in the Middle East.

Long Term Orientation

LTO is a training program in New York City. LTO is a six week crash course in urban ministry, major world religions, and church planting, among other topics. LTO is hosted by the Mission Training Center of DestiNations International.