ADVANCE1040  T - Tactical Series

T3 Training

The entry level training of the ADVANCE1040 program is T3.  T3 is a crisis response training designed for volunteers serving, or anticipating serving, in disaster response (especially in the Middle East). The next T3 is scheduled for October 13-19, 2019 and we offer these trainings regularly.

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One or more of the following must be completed before taking T3 (unless an exception is made):

  • Minimum of 4 weeks in international disaster response, or 6 weeks in international missions.

  • Complete the FOCUS training (or equivalent course)

  • Experience in public safety such as fire department, EMS etc. 

T4 Training

This training builds on the entry level T3 and allows the student hands on practice with the basic skills acquired in T3.  This course is designed to move the tactical skill level of the applicant from basic to intermediate.  T4 consists entire of field exercises and no classroom time. Trainees spend one week in the wilderness, honing their survival skills, learning team dynamics, and responding to various simulated crisis situations, with a special emphasis on refugee aid, evacuations, and war zones.


  • Completed T3 (or equivalent course)

T5 Training (under development)

T5 is the first level of highly specialized tactical training in the ADVANCE1040 program. Trainees at this level will spend several weeks building on the concepts of T3 and T4, and will focus on specific sets of skills. T5 trainees will train together, and then be sent out as a team to respond for the specific scenario they trained for. Some of the material covered in this course are advanced radio communications, reconnaissance, “under the radar” operations in hostile zones, and in-depth war zone training.


  • T3

  • T4

  • Committed to serve with fellow trainees in the specific field of service being trained for

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