ADVANCE1040 is dedicated to training, equipping, and sending the next generation of Jesus-followers to the most closed and unreached parts of the world. 


Our Mission

We believe that real change begins when God's people stand in the gap for those who have never heard. ADVANCE1040 is focused on training and sending Anabaptist people into the challenging places across the global, to bring hope that only comes through Jesus. 

ADVANCE1040 encourages our students to take advantage of existing Anabaptist training programs, without needing to create our own courses. Many of the trainings listed are offered by other organizations; we encourage our staff to take these courses. We do not claim official partnerships with every training course listed.

What We've Achieved

  • ADVANCE1040 has partnered with other Anabaptist organizations in training and sending volunteers to Iraq, Jordan, and other parts of the Middle East

  • ADVANCE1040 coordinates with other training programs, equipping students that have went on to places like Greece, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and beyond.

  • Plans are being made for exploratory trips and groundwork to begin in Jordan, Mongolia and an unnamed Asian country