ADVANCE1040 Worldviews Training - Relating to Specific Cultures and Religions

These training courses are offered by other organizations; we recommend these trainings, though they are through organizations that are not a part of ADVANCE1040.

W5 - Long Term Orientation

LTO is a training program in New York City. LTO spends six weeks studying major world religions and the proper Christian response, as well as practical training in outreach in an urban setting.

W6 - Muslim Impact Training

MIT is a three day intensive on Islamic beliefs and practice, with the goal of equipping Anabaptists to reach out and respond in a Christlike way to Muslims around the globe. MIT is an entry level course, offered once a year.

W10 - Under Development

W10 is an intense, immersive course on Islamic theology. W10 is a mixture of class time and hands on experience, and is specifically designed for long term service in a Muslim context.


  • FOCUS Training (or equivalent course)

  • W6 - Muslim Impact Training (or equivalent course)